If you don’t want the hassle of selling your own items then let me do it for you.

Some people think that all they have to do is put their item on eBay or Facebook and it will sell. Well, yes and no. Yes you can put the item on and it may sell, but to get the maximum profit for your item you need to do the following:

I’ve been selling my items on eBay for many years and I sell for other people and whilst I can’t guarantee that your item will sell I can guarantee that it will have the best chance.

I will do the following:


You can monitor the sale’s progress on eBay when it is live.

I’ll sell your items on eBay or Facebook Copyright © 2016 David Parkhouse Top of Page

I retain the right to refuse to sell an item if I believe it is unsuitable for sale or against eBay rules.

If it is repairable or requires cleaning I might be able to do this but it will be for an extra negotiable fee.

All items must be in good working order and in good condition with the exception of items being sold as spares or repair which must be clearly stated.

If items are returned to me by an eBay buyer and they are faulty then the cost of refunding and postage will be chargeable to you.

All items offered for sale must be your own property and I will ask for a statement to be signed to this effect.

Items that do not sell can either be amended and re-listed as per your instructions or collected by yourselves. Alternatively, you can instruct me to give the item to a charity shop.

There are some fees to pay when using eBay (as at January 2016):

For example if an item sells for £100 and has a p&p charge of £5:

Total eBay and Paypal fees are £14.62

My fee is 30% of the sale price, excluding p&p, in the above case £30. In this instance you would receive £55.73 with £44.27 taken for fees.

Once the buyer has paid for, received and is satisfied with his purchase your account will be credited with the full amount less the fees. This may take up to 2 weeks.

Don’t worry too much about the fees as I will explain them to you.

There are other optional eBay fees to consider, for instance setting a reserve price costs 4% of the reserve price. Please ask for more details about other fees or look here on eBay:



I have a minimum item selling price of £100 per item.

Don’t forget that if you want to sell your items yourself I can show you how.

For more details please contact me.

Conditions Charges